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Now, if you have already been refused a mobile phone contract by another provider, then the likely the only option you have is to find a provider that is a little less rigid and will accept your application, even with your poor credit. The question, of course, is how do you do this?

Well, this is where Loughborough Phones can help you. We will make sure that your next bad credit mobile phone contract application doesn't end up rejected like so many you sent before.

Applying for a Mobile Phone Contract with Bad Credit

Applying for a mobile phone contract when you have bad credit problems demands patience from you. This is not something that will be resolved in a day or two and you will have to dig deep in order to find an option that suit you the best.

Your best chance lies not with the distributor himself, but rather with the mobile phone network. U.K. has a number of large network providers that offer deals to customers with bad credit, including names such as Virgin Mobile, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and more.

When applying for a no credit/bad credit mobile phone contract you have to be very careful about the type and cost of the contract you are applying for. The more expensive the contract and the handset you are applying for, the larger will be the chance of getting rejected. Keep in mind that each time you get turned down for a mobile phone contract, it goes into your credit report, making it worse than it already is. As such, you should only apply when you know you have a good chance of winning the contract. Click here for more tips in applying for bad credit or no credit check mobile phones.

What are the Rules for Getting a Good Acceptance Rate?

If you are looking for the best acceptance rates you can get with bad credit, you should take a look at the following five easy-to-follow rules. You can use these when applying with any of the l;large mobile networks in the U.K.

  1. Apply directly with the mobile phone network We've already covered this. Mobile retailers have much more to lose if a customer defaults than a network.
  2. Be realistic with what you can apply for This applies for both handsets and plans. The cheaper these two are, the more chance you have for getting approved
  3. Let some time pass if you get rejected for a contract When you get rejected for a mobile phone contract by a retailer or network, this will leave a mark on your credit report. At Loughborough, we recommend waiting for 3-4 weeks before you make another application.
  4. Make sure that your application is full and that all the information in it are 100% correct. Incorrect address or phone number can get you rejected and this is frustrating if you did everything else correctly. Falsified information, on the other hand, is a sure way to get yourself into more problems. This will be seen on your credit report.
  5. Apply for a SIM only plan.

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SIM only plans have a great acceptance rate and they also allow you to build up your credit history.

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