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How to Get a Mobile Phone Contract Without Going Through a Credit Check

Having a credit extended today is more difficult than it ever was before. If you are looking to apply for a mobile phone contract, it is important to know why the retailer will ask you to go through a credit check.

The company uses credit checks in order to determine how you handled your finances in the past. They can obtain this information from one of the three large credit bureaus in the country.

There are a number of things that can prevent you from getting a pay monthly mobile phone contract. These include (but are unfortunately not limited to): over extension of credit, wrong information, poor payment history and accounts that went to collections.

When you sign up for a mobile phone service, the provider is granting you access to all of his services, without limits. Since customer bills can get rather large in a short period of time (roaming, downloading software, data transfer, international calling...) if he or she fails to pay their bills, this leaves the provider in a very difficult situation as it now has to has to cover this expense as well.

There are several options at your disposal if you are looking for a mobile phone contract and you have bad credit.

  1. Find a provider that doesn't require a credit check. Albeit many will advise you against this move, branding all no credit check mobile phone providers as “scammers”, the majority of them are honest.
  2. Consider a pay-as-you-go plan. If you can't get a pay monthly contract, you can always turn to pay-as-you-go or PAYG plans. These will give you a limited amount of credit points that you can use for services and a much better ability to keep track of your phone bill. Plus, there is no credit check.
  3. Pay a security deposit. If you are struggling to convince the mobile phone provider to grant you a contract, you a good upfront deposit will usually make them much more acceptable to your application.
  4. Get someone to be your co-signer. In case your credit report doesn't allow you to successfully apply for a pay monthly contract, you can always try with someone else's credit. Of course, you will need their consent for this. The trick with a co-signer or guarantor is that the provider will check their credit report instead of yours. Don't forget that your name will still be on the contract and it is your responsibility to pay for it. If you default, this obligation moves to the guarantor.
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