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Is it Possible to Get a Mobile Phone Without a Credit Check?

Before you can apply for a mobile phone contract, you should first understand how the entire process works. All mobile phone providers run a credit check to determine if you are eligible for a contract phone. This will help you get the best deal or even a deal that is tailor-made for you. Mobile phone distributors are interested in giving you a contract (contrary to what some may think about them). A customer, such as you, is their “bread and butter” and if they can, they will do everything possible to get your application for a contract accepted. Of course, some providers will go a step further in this than others.

Some mobile networks may require an upfront deposit be made before they give you a contract phone. They do this to reduce the risks they are undertaking and also to get you a better chance of being accepted for a mobile phone contract. If you make your monthly phone bills on time, you can have your deposit refunded after a certain period of time.

You should also keep in mind that it is never a good idea to apply with the same provider that rejected you after only a short period of time. This will not look good on your credit report.

If you are labouring to get a pay monthly bad credit contract mobile phone, you can always try a SIM only plan or a PAYG deal (pay-as-you-go). If you still want a mobile phone contract, you can also get a guarantor to co-sign with you on it..

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